Transform your house into an Advanced Home

Affordable sustainable home upgrade program

We’re partnering with fifty homeowners to create a network of Advanced Homes in Bassett and Avocado Heights. Sign up today to see if you qualify for $50,000 in energy upgrades like rooftop solar panels, battery storage, and heat pump water heaters in your home!

To improve air quality and further electrify homes, Advanced Homes is currently offering new stoves at no cost through Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator’s (LACI) single-family home induction stove retrofit pilot, with funding from the State of California.

How it Works

Once you complete the interest form or share your contact information with the BAAEC team:

1) We will contact you to confirm eligibility and answer all of your questions.

2) Once we confirm your eligibility, we will provide a free inspection to evaluate your home’s condition for rooftop solar, a battery energy storage system, a heat pump water heater upgrade, and energy efficiency improvements.

3) We will help you complete an Advanced Homes enrollment form.

4) Receive new energy equipment and reserve incentives for a battery energy storage system.

Save money and energy

Advanced Homes gives you more than just new technology for your home. Since this project is funded by the California Energy Commission, participants pay little to nothing. You’ll continue saving money over time by generating electricity from the sun. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you have back-up power during blackouts. You’ll improve the air quality in your home by replacing older appliances, and in your community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Enroll in Advanced Homes so you and your family can enjoy these benefits!

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