Air Quality

Reducing pollution in Bassett and Avocado Heights

BAAEC is encouraging renewable energy and electric vehicles for cleaner local air

We’re not just claiming that BAAEC will improve air quality in the community—we are partnering with leading experts to prove it. Cleaner air will mean less risk of chronic health issues like asthma and lung cancer. Click the button below to contact us and learn about how you can support BAAEC’s air quality testing efforts.

Monitoring vehicle emissions on the go with SensorComm

Did you know that in California, highway vehicles alone are responsible for 45% of nitrogen oxide pollution? In communities like Bassett and Avocado Heights with multiple high traffic roads and freeways nearby, it makes a big difference to minimize pollution from cars, trucks, and buses. 

BAAEC is partnering with SensorComm Technologies to help vehicles like school buses, public transportation, and delivery trucks in and around Bassett and Avocado Heights monitor their real-time emissions. Their tailpipe pollution monitoring can help vehicle fleet managers minimize pollution, save fuel, and extend the life of their vehicles. Contact us to learn about how you can get involved!

Aclima air quality insights for public health, environmental justice, and climate action

Aclima’s air pollution and greenhouse gas mapping fleet will drive Bassett and Avocado Heights city streets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to gather hyperlocal air quality data. Then, we will create an interactive air quality report, free and accessible to anyone with an Internet- connected device, to be used as the baseline for BAAEC’s work in the coming years. We’ll be back to collect more data in future summers to track changes in ambient air quality. There’s a chance you’ll see one of our vehicles on your block!