Carbon-free commuting for Bassett and Avocado Heights

Clean Commuters is helping Bassett and Avocado Heights get where they need to go, without the emissions. With the help of Green Commuter, we’re starting a local rideshare shuttle, setting up a zero emission vanpooling program, and installing electric vehicle chargers to give you more options for clean commuting. We want to prove that commuting carbon-free can be as convenient as owning a car—just more affordable, and more fun!

Last mile in style

The light rail and bus might get you close to where you’re going, but Clean Commuters’ shuttle will take you over the finish line. Our zero emissions rideshare shuttle (similar to Uber pool and Lyft line where participants will share rides with other community members) is coming soon to help with trips in and around Bassett and Avocado Heights.

Car with EV charger parked in front of grass

Charge up close to home

Clean Commuters is making Bassett and Avocado Heights a more convenient place for electric vehicle drivers to shop, live, and do business. We’re revving up Bassett and Avocado Heights with at least five free charging stations (some charging up to 525 miles of range per hour!) in convenient public places. With Clean Commuters, Bassett and Avocado Heights residents can feel confident making the switch to an electric vehicle.


  1. Based on monthly commuting costs of $560 and $70 per month promotional rate for vanpool services (available for first 24 months of vanpool participation).