Save money with a local solar electricity rate!

Power your home with clean electricity from your neighborhood

Did you know communities with their own local solar-powered energy can save money and help the environment? Our Community Solar electricity rate is coming soon, saving you 20% on your bill each month. Join the waitlist to see if you’re eligible and get notified when you can join!

You may be eligible!

With Community Solar, anyone in Basset and Avocado Heights can get their electricity from a local renewable source. Join our waitlist and we will reach out to you when our new solar installation at a central community building is up and running. Eligible participants will get 100% local renewable energy at a 20% discount!

How does it work?

Community Solar is a utility-scale solar installation at a central community building. It will generate affordable, local renewable electricity that can be shared by program participants like you. When you join, you receive a credit on your electricity bills for your share of the power generated.