Resiliency Center

We’re turning a central community building into a Resiliency Center equipped with solar and battery storage systems!

Residents within the Bassett and Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) can rely on the Resiliency Center to adapt and thrive amidst extreme climate conditions and rolling blackouts.

Why a Resiliency Center?

The BAAEC region is expected to experience more high heat events (with temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and above) in the next few years, with high heat days projected to triple by 2035, from seven to twenty-one days in Los Angeles County (source). So, it is important for the community to have a safe haven with backup power for prolonged blackouts or cooling during extreme weather events, particularly the ever more frequent heat waves.

How It Works

The solar and battery systems will provide power supply to critical systems, such as air conditioning, lights, and outlets to charge phones and other critical appliances. BAAEC’s Resiliency Center will provide at least 4 hours of backup power specifically for cooling during extreme weather events and emergencies, and even longer when the sun is shining. The BAAEC team is currently working with the community to collect feedback on how and where to best build the Resiliency Center. Through a recent survey, we found 100 percent of respondents listed a park as their preferred location for this community resource.